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General Product Information

How do I get the same look seen on your website? Refer to the “How to Make Your Bed” section of our website, or contact our Customer Service associates at or at 1-888-737-5743 for assistance.

Do you offer fabric samples? Not at this time.

Where do I find the care instructions for my products? The care instructions are listed on each product’s detail page of our website. They are also listed on the packaging that your product comes in and on the care label of the product itself. Please contact us at with any questions about caring for your product.

DKNY Bedding Information

When buying sheets and bedding, what is thread count and why is it important? Thread count is the number of threads, vertically and horizontally, in a square inch of fabric. In general, higher thread count sheets are smoother and are recognized as better quality than lower thread count sheets. Thread count should not be your only focus when making a purchase. There are many factors that determine the quality of sheets. Be sure to look at the type of fabric, the weave of the fabric, including thread count and ply, and the overall construction of the sheets. A 500 thread count sheet could have 500 single threads per square inch, or 250 2-ply threads per square inch. Usually a finer thread will create a smoother sheet, but a double ply thread will create a more durable, heavier sheet. All DKNY sheets are designed and engineered to provide what you expect in luxury sheeting: outstanding softness, breathability, comfort and durability that will last for years.

Why is cotton the fabric of choice for sheeting? Cotton is perfect for bedding because it breathes and wicks away moisture thus ensuring a better sleeping experience. Look for thread counts of around 200 or more for a great combination of softness and durability.

What is the difference between cotton percale and cotton sateen sheets? Two of the most popular choices for sheets are percale and sateen. Percale is a plain weave fabric; threads are evenly woven together giving it a fine texture and crisp finish. Sateen sheets are woven with more lengthwise yarns on the surface, resulting in a smooth satin feel and producing a shiny appearance.

How do I care for my sheets? All of our sheets include laundering instructions. Please follow our care instructions to extend the life of your sheets. To minimize wrinkling, set your dryer on the permanent press cycle. Do not over dry your sheets and be sure to remove them promptly from the dryer.

Do I need to iron my sheets? Ironing sheets depends on your personal preferences. Some people like to iron their cotton sheets because it helps create a crisper feeling. If you wish to iron your sheets, please refer to the care tag on your sheets for the appropriate heat setting. Use a steam iron to eliminate wrinkles and iron sheets while they are damp. If you do not wish to iron your sheets be sure to remove them quickly from the dryer, as this will minimize wrinkling.

What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet cover? A comforter is composed of an outer shell of fabric sewn over a filling (commonly down, cotton or polyester). A duvet cover (or simply “duvet”) is essentially a fabric shell, open at one end. The duvet cover is easily removed for cleaning which allows you to keep a comforter you like and alter the pattern by simply changing the duvet cover.

How do I determine quality in bed linens? We recommend you look at three things – type of fabric (affects breathability and durability), construction (percale or sateen weave), and thread count (for softness). DKNY Home is proud to offer bed linens made from the highest quality natural fibers in a variety of luxury constructions.

DKNY Bath Information

What are the most important things to look for when buying a towel? When shopping for towels, look for softness, absorbency, fabric content, colorfastness and style. New towels will easily update the décor in your bathroom. Instantly add a pop of color, stylish stripes or for a classic look, add white towels to your room. DKNY Home towels are generously sized and are constructed from luxurious two-ply long staple combed cotton with a heavyweight terry construction. Gram weight is used to measure the density of towels. A higher weight towel will be more absorbent and comfortable. However, they may require a longer drying time.

How do I keep my towels soft? Use fabric softener only occasionally. Avoid silicone based fabric softeners; they leave behind a waxy film that counters absorbency.

Can I use bleach when washing my towels? Use chlorine bleach sparingly when washing any home textiles if at all as it weakens the fibers.

How do I care for my towels? Before using new towels, soak them in cold water without detergent to increase softness and absorbency. Follow the care label directions carefully. Avoid extremely hot water and do not over dry cotton towels. Do not wash clothes with towels; terry cloth will coat finer fabrics with lint.

Can I line dry my towels? Of course, but line drying towels can make them feel stiff and scratchy, for a softer hand; always dry them in the dryer (for a fluffier towel). If you don’t want to use heat, put them on the air-dry cycle.

How do I reduce shrinkage? All cotton shrinks a bit, however by avoiding extremely hot washing and drying temperatures this will help reduce shrinkage.

DKNY Pure Bedding Information

What is organic? Simply stated, organic agriculture is grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and is based on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. DKNY Pure Bedding Collection is made using 100% organically grown cotton, manufactured using sustainable dyestuffs.

What is organic cotton? Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without pesticides and from plants that are not genetically modified.

Why buy organic cotton? Surround yourself with the beauty and comfort of fibers pure and clean. You’ll help preserve our air, our water, our soil and the biodiversity of our planet. Grown from a seed, cotton can be a sustainable and organically grown crop. Organic cotton is better for our bodies, our homes, our planet and our future generations.

What certification standards does DKNY’s Pure Collection meet? DKNY Pure is certified by the control union to USDA NOP Standards and meets the criteria set forth by the Organic Exchange.

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